Monday, January 21, 2013

Dreamy Bedrooms For Inspiration

For the past 14 years I have spent my time drafting house plans...and fine tuning the plans I have for my dream house one day.  So it's only natural that I pick up every magazine and visit multiple websites that feature gorgeous houses. The beauty that I find draws me in and causes my day dreams to take flight.
Pictures call out to me...begging me to make changes to my own space.  And I want to...I just need the money to allow me to make the changes I dream of. (And to really complete it all I need to get out of this apartment and into a house.)
This weekend I got sucked into the world of bedrooms. It's a beautiful world with so many possibilities. Luxury and elegance is what tends to catch my attention. I love creams, browns, deep blues and burgundy and very rich, soothing hues.
Am I the only one that dreams of changing her bedroom into a showstopper?  I can't be.  There is too many options out there for me to decide though...I'm eclectic and blame it all on my artistic heritage. Both sides of my family are piled sky-high with artists and musicians.

Here are some of the gorgeous bedrooms that I would LOVE to have in place of the little one in my apartment.  Talk about some great inspirational design. Here's to dreaming!

This is the most brilliant use of bunk beds I have ever seen! I love this!!
For my youngest daughter this would be a perfect room.  She loves polka-dots and is extremely whimsical and creative.

Poolside usually equates to something that is highly desired...but this would not be a good layout for me.  I'd end up falling in for an unexpected dip in the middle of the night.

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