Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vamoos Pesky Stomach Bugs!

Kickin' Stomach Flu's Booty
After battling two rounds of stomach flu I am happy to announce that my daughter Grace is FINALLY healthy again.  Yes, two rounds of the stomach flu.

And this mommy is ready for a rest. 

Poor little tummies...yep, I meant tummies.  Both of my darling daughters were dealt a blow of this virus the night before Christmas Eve.  Talk about putting a damper on festivities for the week. 

First a low fever and then by Christmas day both were hitting 101°F. It was so hard to tell them that they couldn't tear into those Christmas stockings.  Well, they did get to tear into them, just not into the candies they contained.  And by that night we were battling 103°F fevers. 

I hate fevers.  They wear out the children and wear out the mommy.  And always seem to spike at night.  Why is that? 

Why is it that when a mommy is most drained, that is the time that she has to be vigilant with the application of cold compresses and fever meds?
One of my key defenses against stomach viruses is always oxygenated drops.  They are essential in our household. And if a stomach bug does get to develop, those drops are my best sword in the battle of tamed tummies.

I'm telling you, get this in your medicine cabinet or kitchen cabinet.  Just have them on hand.

My girls know that if their tummies start to feel troubled "The Drops" will help kill the little buggers that are causing that trouble.  And they ask for them every time.
Other than that and Emergen-C, my other go-to all week has been Clorox Wipes.  Right now I love them...for the simple fact that I know everything has been disinfected.  And I honestly think my hands are permanently the scent of those wipes.
I've been from top to bottom, doorknob to light switch, counters to cabinets...and have sanitized/disinfected toothbrushes too. (if you forget to get new toothbrushes then the odds are pretty darned good that everything is going to start all over again)  Think about it, you're battling some ailment, oh let's say the flu, and after emptying your sick tummy what is the first thing you want to do?  For me, it's brush my teeth and get rid of that horrid taste in my mouth.
So, to help kill those pesky buggers that hang around my family's toothbrushes I do the following:
1) Have new toothbrushes on hand.
2) Replace existing toothbrush with new one as soon as I know that someone is sick.
3) After each use of the new toothbrush, I let it soak in a small cup of  hydrogen peroxide for several minutes.
4) Rinse off and soak for several more minutes in a small cup of rubbing alcohol.
5) Rinse in hot water for several minutes and then let air dry.

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