Friday, January 18, 2013

Stretches To Help Alleviate Back Pain

Have you ever stood up and been completely frozen in place because of the pain in your back? Or turn onto your side in bed only to gasp and let out a yell because of pain shooting up your back and down your leg?  If you never have experienced it then I sincerely hope that you never do. It is one of the worst pains and you feel completely helpless.

I have had lower back issues since I was 17. It all started when I was shaving my legs in the shower and tried to straighten back up.  Never before in my life had I experienced a pain like that! One that turned me into a statue in a ridiculous pose and gasping for air while trying to make it all stop.  Who would have thought that something so simple as coming up from a bent position would cause such excruciating pain?

Well, Wednesday night I did it to myself again, but this time it was while playing the Disneyland Adventure game with our Xbox Kinect.  There I was going through the Big Thunder Railroad game, leaning to grab coins, jumping over and ducking under beams when on my way up from a duck  ZAP!  A pain of electricity shot across my lower back and straight up the center, then down my leg.  My avatar ended up getting pushed off the train, whacked by beams and just stood there like a dummy...while I stood there trying to find a position to be able to move toward my bed without collapsing.

The only other time that I have to compare this pain to is when I had my girls...and that pain was manageable since there was an epidural involved.  All of this pain and torment and I don't even get a beautiful little baby out of it!  It isn't fair!!

So, yesterday and today my best friends are the ice packs and my trusted heating pad. Ice, heat, ice, heat...that's the pattern of my day.  And in the middle of it all I'm trying to stretch out the backs of my legs (tighter than I don't know what) and my lower back.  AND IT HURTS!!!

Here are the stretches that a massage therapist taught me to do about 15 years ago.  I still owe her big time for the instruction. We all have so many desk jobs, video game playing, TV much that makes us sedentary which causes our muscles to tighten up a be primed for lower back pain.  Watch the video below for instructions on how to do 5 basic stretches to ward off back pain.

Click HERE to view instructional video from WebMD.

I hope that none of you ever experience the pain that I am right now...and with the stretches in the video

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