Thursday, January 17, 2013

Some Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a deep and passionate love for dark chocolate.  I'm so glad that I's the only chocolate that is good for you. 
AND it's a great tasting source of magnesium.  Ladies, have you ever craved chocolate during a specific time of the month?  Did you know that magnesium levels drop during a women's cycle?  Our bodies know where to get what they need from foods that we've eaten before.  It's amazing how we get those cravings...and most of the time just don't know why we get them.

I've definitely noticed that a drive for dark chocolate hits me every month...during "my time".  So I know that my body knows that it can get that magnesium it needs from my favorite sweet.  And I don't go for the semi-sweet chocolate...I hit the 70+% dark cocoa!

Fitbie's article gives a little blurb about how there is a link to those who tend to indulge in chocolate up to 5 times a week having a lower body-mass index. (per researchers at University of California San Diego)

And there are plenty of studies that have been done linking dark chocolate, which contains flavonols (containing antioxidants & antinflamintory properties), to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and boost endurance.  All of these are areas that I personally need help in every day. 
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Do I eat a big dark chocolate truffle every day?  NO!  Are you crazy?!  That would only lead me to demolishing my scale.  I have roughly a palm sized serving of chocolate a day.  Sometimes it's the 60% Cocoa Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips, sometimes it's a piece of a 70+% cocoa chocolate bar...on a very rare occasion it is a dark chocolate truffle.
An article on WebMD explains a study that was conducted to find the why you should eat dark chocolate and not white chocolate. To e it's a simple case of taste...dark chocolate tastes better.  However, the sited main benefits for eating my sweet of choice are lowered blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  That's all that I need to know!  My blood sugar levels have always been fine, but my family has a history of high cholesterol levels on both sides. That means that I have to fight a little bit harder to keep mine under control.  And there is NO WAY that I'm going to go the pharmaceutical route!
Read WebMD's article HERE.  
Woman's Health also has an article siting 9 ways that chocolate can benefit your health. Again, it is in reference to chocolate that has at least 70% cocoa content.
  1. A Healthier Heart
  2. Weight Loss  (I would love to see this start taking effect) 
  3. Healthier Kids (when eaten during pregnancy)
  4. Diabetes Prevention
  5. Reduced Stress
  6. Sun Protection
  7. Higher Intelligence
  8. Cough Relief (thanks to the theobromine it contains)
  9. Diarrhea Relief 
Read Woman's Health article HERE.
They also have a PDF of the breakdown of the healthiest chocolates. Click Here!
I love chocolate...and the fact that it can help to keep me healthy is just a plus.  What a wonderful way to get antioxidants too!

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